Our Services

Our services cover a broad range of requirements specific to an organization and its employees on international assignment, and to individuals working temporarily outside of their home country.

Specific services include:

Assignment structure and tax planning 
Review of alternatives for the most tax-efficient delivery of benefits on a global basis.

Tax policy 
Review of policy alternatives to determine the best fit for your company. Create, update and benchmark your current tax policy.

Tax policy administration 
Implement and support your tax reimbursement policy.

Employee tax consultations 
Conduct pre-departure/post-arrival tax consultations - delivered globally.

US Tax Compliance 
Prepare US Federal and State individual income tax returns.

International Tax Compliance 
Coordinate the delivery of international tax services through our global service partners to ensure compliance with tax laws in countries around the world.

Global equity awards 
Deliver tax planning for the reporting of equity awards

Payroll consulting 
Assist with compensation reporting and tax withholding requirement for assignment allowances and benefits. Promote best practices to implement shadow payroll in the US and abroad.

Social Security planning 
Apply for Certificate of Coverage to minimize social security tax obligations in the US and abroad.

Income Tax Treaty planning 
Minimize global income tax and reporting requirements by taking advantage of treaty positions designed to reduce double taxation and discrimination.

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